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Public visibility for Federal spending & recognition for saving.

The Federal Budget can be reduced significantly if we simply put a stop to the “end of year” spending spree that the Federal government is famous for. Each year Beltway bandits gear up to support the massive federal spending that occurs before September 30. It’s great for the local business economy, but costs the Federal taxpayer dearly for what is often unnecessary spending.

Require all managers to spend throughout the year, reward them for turning in unused dollars and allow employees to point out wasteful spending without fear of repercussions. Consider a bottom up internal rating process for expenditures (in other words, let employees see what their managers choose to spend money on.). Ensure all large expenses, recurring travel, regular overtime, etc are routinely examined by the IG or other oversight board on a regular basis, with public visibility to those who spend unwisely and public honor to those who save without jeopardizing their mission. Government waste would go down considerably if managers knew their spending was visible. We will find agencies turning back large sums of money (that can go directly toward paying off the Deficit) if my ideas were in practice.

Consider a Congressional/Presidential award for those who contribute the largest percentage to help our debt crisis, and a public list of those who spend federal money, how much they spend and what they spend on. Many Federal Managers forget that they work for the public, and might do things differently if they knew their expensive practices were publicized.

Please select me and give me the chance to share my 21 years of government service and observations with the President. Surely the President and both Democrats and Republicans would be pleased to get voluntary CUTS from the federal budget? I can help make this happen.



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