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Provide Medicaid/Medicare reimb. to Certified Nurse Practioners

Certified Nurse Practioners should be reimbursed by the federal government for providing medicaid/medicare services.


With a limited scope of practice, lower cost, far lower instances of mistakes, prevention-based care model, Certified Nurse Practioners (CNPs) should be reimbursed. This would lead to significant savings in an area that will only become more expensive as the population ages.


Certified Nurse Midwives, in studies published by reputable journals, show that under the right circumstances, natural childbirth is much safer and has far lower instances of complications.


It is virtually undisputed, that natural childbirth (when medically available/appropriate), is safer and less expensive.


Since the AMA is such a powerful special interest group and they have a strong incentive to maintain a monopoly in this lucrative area, change is not likely (despite the overwellming success in other countries and the alleged short supply of OBGYNs).



Idea No. 1617