Department of Homeland Security

Provide Laptop/PAD technology to eliminate paper cost

Preparing for meetings requires printing out any or every document that was sent electronically through email. The majority of these documents have double digit page numbers often including screen shots. Depending on the meeting size, those same documents have now been multiplied by the number of attendees. During the meeting, notes are jotted on them, and when it’s all over, are either filed away or shredded/recycled (I hope no one is throwing them in the garbage).


My suggestion is to provide some electronic device, laptop or Pad technology of some sort to the majority of employees to drastically reduce the endless cost of paper and printer ink. Considering the initial outlay for the devices and the ongoing cost for maintenance, software licensing, etc. will be greater than the cost of a box of paper but over time I’m sure it will pay for itself. We've been using paper for a very, very long time, and it seems there is no end in sight. But we can drastically reduce the amout of paper we need by using more digital devices. I haven’t done any formal research on this but after a quick Google search, it seems many others have.


Just something to look into…



Idea No. 3566