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Protect Employees, Improve Acqusition Law and Use Best Practice

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For decades Legacy system integrators have failed numberous times to provide adequate capabilities to meet the needs of the DoD and other Federal Agencies as indicated by numnerous GAO reports. Yet we continue to use them. Through these failed strategies, the GAO has determined that the many capabilities cause significant cost overruns and are inadequate to meet the needs of today’s changing military mission and National Strategy. There is no money in a system that works, for example, using an open standards-based best practice will affect the bottom line of many of the defense contractors whose business models are proprietary and profit based. These contractors will go to great lengths to protect their bottom line. These lengths include bribing or coercing officers and unwitting senior leaders into promulgating untruths against civil servants, with promises of high paying jobs or bribes, which I refer to as “the retirement plan.” The idea is to simply implement protections for employees trying to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars (e.g. holding integrators accountable), improving acqusition law (e.g. hold contractors accountible to actually deliver) and implementing best practice, which will help ensure compliance with DoD mandates, open competition, stated objectives and strategies and result in significant cost savings to the government and American Taxpayers, and provide access to proven, commercial, open standard information technologies. Such an approach can provide real-time or near real-time access to timely actionable information when it is needed. The use of best practice provides a robust extensible foundation to support the use of open communication, open standard solutions, will result in seamless interoperability of information, help to eliminate inadequit solutions and establish enterprise wide strategies to improve effectiveness and efficiencies in Government Acqusition. Ultimately resulting in billions in cost savings.

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