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The Government frequently contracts out unique requirements that it would otherwise not make sense to insource (basic make vs. buy concept). It clearly does not make sense to hire full time employees to complete tasks that you would only need a few time. It also doesn't make sense to set up contract vehicles for simple tasks that anyone with a computer and a little competency can complete. I know of a contract our agency has for graphic arts services where they will pay a company thousands of dollars to create a logo for a specific initiative. I believe the general public would complete tasks like these for free.


What if there were a central website (like fedbizopps) where the Government could post these simple tasks, and the public could do them "for free." Private companies do this all the time. They have contests for the next new slogan of Snapple, next face of Gerber, the best YouTube video for Ford, etc.


There are plenty of people out there who will do your work for free if you trick them into it through a little competition and recognition. Some requirements could even offer tax breaks to those who win the "contest," in which case, after the product/service is delivered, the Government decides how much it was worth to them, and a tax benefit is issued.

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