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Professional Athlete Pay

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Professional Athlete Pay

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If we could cut the amount of money we put into professional sports events and the amount of pay we give athletes to play. We could help the national debt and not have to worry about destroying the middle and lower class americans life.

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I agree they make too much but how could you make privately owned organizations pay the National Dept, also how would this help alleviate government spending. I’m just asking you to elaborate.

That's simple you talk to the organization and the players and ask them to do what everyone in america should be doing and come together. It's time for us to take care of ourselves. As far as alleviating spending it doesn't, but what it does do it help get us on track. As long as the ppl spending set down and really look at what they blow the money on then they can avoid a relapse. Also in addition, why not ask congress,the house, and every other govnt't offical to give up a lil of there pay just the same as we would ask the private orginazations. They where ganna make us soldiers give ours up recently. If I as a soldier have to be willing to do something shouldn't you as a leader be willing to do the same?

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