Department of Housing and Urban Development

Pro Rate Privatized Housing Based on Quality

Instead of Privatized Housing offices getting a Service Members full BAH allowance, prior to this all available housing should be reviewed and analized by Federal Governement Housing Officers to compare the quality of housing available on every installation to those in the immediate civilian sector. Cost analysis should then be determined to see what the true market value of the Post or Installation housing is. New housing on an instalklation should not draw the same BAH rate as the older renovated dwellings. Therefore the contracting company should only be able to draw the identified value or rent the dwelling is worth. For example, a brand new development in the Maryland or D.C. area could possibly draw the entire $2000 plus value where as a service member living in the same installtion but in renovated or partially renovated dwelling should only be a fraction of the cost that new dwellings are listed as. The service member should not be eligible to receive the excess value of their authorized BAH but the Governement should only have to pay the service member or Privatized Housing agency the identified value or market value of the residence. So if a full BAH entitlement is deemed to be $1350 a month but the instalklation housing the service member is living in is deemed a value of $1000, then the housing office only can drae a BAH sum of $1000 the extra $350 is forfeited back to the Governement. Now on the Same installation if a member is living in brand new or newer dwellings then housing office may receive the full $1350.



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