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Printing VA Form 21-0781 front to back

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My idea to save paper by printing VA Form 21-0781 front to back is not new. I sent my idea to the Mapd Suggestion Mailbox on 8/31/09. I received a reply on 9/29/09 that the development group in Hines reported that this particular jetform was not designed to print front to back but they were in the process of re-platforming the process by which our forms are generated in Mapd, so they couldn't request any updates until they were done migrating to the new process. (This told me that my idea was 'new' or they reply would have stated that they are already working on that idea from other submissions plus they stated that that particular type of jetform was not designed to print front to back and that they would look into it after they re-platformed the form process). On 6/15/10 I noticed that my idea for VA Form 21-0781 to print front to back had been implemented, so I replied back to Mapd regarding my idea asking if there would be a monetary award for my idea due to the amount of paper is will save for every PTSD claim submitted. On 6/22/10 I received a response that unfortunately I had not sumbitted my idea on the proper form for formal consideration through my regional office. I didn't know that there was a suggestion form to use, so now that I knew about the form I submitted VA Form 3951 with my Employee Suggestion and copy of my email to my Regional Office on 6/24/10. To date my local Regional Office has not forwarded my VA Form 3951 to Central Office due to the email response that I did not turn in VA Form 3951 before the idea was implemented. I know that my idea was the reason for the change and I should be compensated for my idea that has been saving paper for each PTSD new or reopened claim submitted, for more than a year now which could easily be hundreds of thousands of pieces of paper which equates to a huge amount of money saved so far. Please consider my idea for a monetary award. I can forward the chain of emails and scanned copy of the form upon request.

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