Department of Health and Human Services

Preventing defensive medicine and medical procedural overuse

The most important reason for high governmental cost are overuse of medical technology and devices partially related to defensive medicine and financial gain. In order to prevent this, government should look at a rate of procedures done by individual doctors and create normal distribution curve. Doctor at the upper end of overuse should be studied to see why they are above average and doctor who save money and use less resources should be rewarded taking money from over user. This system would clearly reduce governmental cost particularly Medicaid/Medicare costs by probably trillions and support doctor who practice evidence based medicine with significant cost saving. Furthermore, in order to reduce defensive medicine cost, Kaiser system for medical malpractice should be used which prevent being any doctors name to be mentioned in any malpractice law sue eliminating defensive medicine while maintaining the patient’s full right to precede a malpractice law sue. There are many more suggestion in my part that I could give to white house for reshaping medical practice in the US in a right cost saving direction.



Idea No. 18160