Department of Veterans Affairs

Pregnancy testing prior to procedure.

Currently we must snrd all females 60 or less to lab for blood draw prior to any consious sedation procedures. My idea includes the ability to allow the woman to sign a waiver, they allow women to do this in teh community facilities, and if they are having sexual behaviors the area could perform a dip stick test. These are very accurate these days, and very fast. this would cut down on the work in the lab, the wait time for processing, materials, a second time the patient must be stuck with a needle, and down time in a procedure room waiting for results. Many woman in the 40-60 age range are alone and havent had a relationship like this in a while and still others have a great deal of faith in the tubal procedure they had when they were younger. Why should these women be subjected to a needle second needle stick if they know they are not pregent. It is invasive and unfair and may also contribute to difficulty starting IV's in some women with poor venous access.



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