Department of Energy

Powerful Savings: Laptops vice Desktops

Our nation should adapt an Energy Conservation Law such as Japan has done. Looking at the results of Fujitsu, this adjustment will help our nation financially. I recommend we at least give it a shot with one of the smaller branches such as (Coast Guard) to see if such change would benefit our nations needs.


I feel if we were to convert our desktops to laptops and charge our laptops throughout the night and run our laptops during peak hours on batteries, this will help to reduce energy cost by far. There are a few concerns that come to mind upfront and maintenance cost.


Listening to news reports regarding well known companies, such as Fujitsu, Fujitsu did spend quite a bit on upfront cost; however, the generate savings they receive monthly is quickly reflecting positive results.


Fujitsu uses low-cost switches, supporting offices' efforts to conserve energy. In fact, Fujitsu achieved 228% of the energy savings targeted by Japan's Energy Conservation Law, delivering the highest energy efficiency in the industry.



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