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Potential Savings in Disaster Funds

In present times, natural disasters have had greater negative impacts than people can imagine; and everyone feels threatened by all the climatic changes that are happening and that are expected in the future. This situation can make any concerned person deeply consider and meditate about alternatives, securities and insurances, among many other things.


I live out of the continental US and I am not aware of the ways that property insurance is marketed or promoted by companies or by the government in the mainland; but I believe we should all make efforts to help secure our lives and property to our best capability. Therefore having an incentive or aggressive marketing campaign for PROPERTY INSURRANCES might be something that would help prevents the government from having to invest so many funds in helping solve disastrous situations, and that is something that the government should be thinking of. Incentive such as tax deductions (complete or in some percent) to those that insure their properties can or may be very attractive and enhancing to our citizens. Maybe this is something already considered, but what I hope is that it is food for thought. Thank you very much.



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