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Postage Parcels shipped via Fed Ex between SSA ODAR & Field Off

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Employee drivers to transport mail between SSA ODAR offices to and from local District Offices & field offices. This would result in a half a million dollars saved by paying an annual salary, using the government scale-providing a vehicle for the transportation and a gas card. There would be no mileage reimbursement. This would result in a job for a student intern, a veteran, or public which would boost the unemployment figures. There are 156 Hearing Offices in the Nation,creating at the least 156 full time jobs-not counting the “floater or part time” driver positions created based on ODAR alone. For example: the Kingsport hearing office supports 5 field offices. If each field office and the hearing office average 5 parcels daily that are delivered by FED EX at a cost of $15.00 each-(just an estimated figure to use, and a guess on my part) that totals $450.00 daily. The weekly cost is $2250.00, with a monthly cost of $9,000.00. The annual expenditures for this totals $108,000.00 (based on a 5 day work week). If you do the math at $450.00 day multiply by 250, the annual number of business days worked the total is $112,500.00 which is probably a more accurate figure. Then figure in the salary of one full time driver and a part time or floater position for a second driver, or couriers, at a grade 4 step 8 the approximate annual salary is $31,813.00 (approximately)The annual salary for two drivers at this grade and step is $47,719.50. The annual savings, based on these approximated figures I have used the estimated lower figure of $108,000.00 would be $60,280.50. This is just for the offices in the Kingsport, TN local service area. Nationally the savings based on 156 Hearing Offices would be over $744,424.20. Overhead figures estimated: vehicle cost $10,000.00 annually x 3 yrs ($30, 000.00 vehicle), maintenance, insurance & fuel annually $15,000.00. Taking the figures from the annual savings for Kingsport ODAR would be $35,280.50 locally& nationally $550,375.80.

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