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I have at times been through large portions of previous years budgets, and one thing that keeps cropping up that we keep paying for are studies regarding the flatulence of cows. I heard about it this year. You may laugh, because how serious to the budget can it be? Well, study it enough times just to satisfy someone's curiosity and it might add up to quite a bit. There are a lot of pork items in the budget, hidden away, and it really will take going through the budget line-by-line to find them. I suggest a few groups dedicated to the job and dedicated portions of the entire budget. For example, the DoD Congressional Budget Data (HASC markup at ) is about 569 pages long and is divided into Research, Development, Test, & Evaluation; Procurement; Operations and Maintenance; and Personnel. DOE, NASA, DOI, etc probably have similar natural breaks that would lend themselves to a biopic view of them. I have recently tried using search terms on the DoD RDT&E HASC markup. I think in order to hide this stuff less popular terms or codes are being used now. I tried to find flatulence but could not. And, I don't have a fixation on cow flatulence; it just happens to be one example of pork and I noticed it. A lot. Enough already. We know how to turn it into fuel.

Even going out and getting snippets of information from people like myself will not get the job done by itself. A lot might be missed. And that is actually what the SAVE Program is; piecemeal. It is a good idea from one aspect; there will be one more check and some things may be found this way that wouldn't otherwise be found.

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