Commission on Civil Rights

Please address concerns about management abuse

There are various examples where employees try to seek out assistance in order to alleviate very stressful situations with innapropriate management. Sometimes it is discrimation, other times is bulling, other times is just an issue with personality conflict or simply management acting innapropriately at work. If the agency continues to "brush" off these complaints by dismissing them quickly at the EEO levels, they are causing further problems down the line. The EEO office dismisses most cases (about 90+%) because people file complaints 45 days after events occurr. Ironically most people do not know that they have 45 days from the date of the "abuse" event or the time that the discrimination event ocurred to file a claim. We can save a lot of funds and be more productive if the managers that are playing games, being abusive or are harrasing employees, are removed or reassigned to non-management positions. As an example I became aware through a colleague in a different office that a GS-14 supervisor has bullied and harrassed staff in an office. A few things she mentioned about this particular manager; he has purchased sex toys and has left them in employees desks as a joke. The office apparently also had a sex doll sitting in plain view. Another GS-14 manager in the same office apparently would give "running" rides to subordinate employees with the mail cart, the same manager would pull up her shirt in plain view to "compare bras" with other women in the office. The office has senior executive staff, and the managers acting innapropriately are GS-14 managers. How can this happen at the HQ's level? Why are these people in management positions? This provides for a significant point of view of what kind of people are being selected to go into management. Unfortunately the promotions are generally based on who is liked better and who is a "friend" rather than individuals that have high education and/or are highly qualified.

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