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Plasma Gasification and SynGas to Diesel Overseas

Diesel is largely used to power generators and run vehicles for contingency operations in forward deployed regions (i.e., Korea). In the case of a contingency operation, it can cost as much as $400 a gallon for this fuel. It costs significantly less to reform SynGas (H+CO) into diesel. To acquire a reliable SynGas source, I recommend funding the construction of plasma gasification units in all enduring garrisons in forward deployed regions. The benefits of this system are three-fold. One: outside of contingency operations, the gasifier can generate enough electricity to partially or completely remove dependence on foreign sources of energy. Two: plasma gasifiers can be used to dispose of waste that costs money to send to a landfill. Three: during contingency operations, the logistical supply chain is significantly reduced by the amount of fuel reformed at the facility. Even if the savings were less than anticipated, the improved mission readiness and logistical supportability of this action more than make up for upfront costs.



Idea No. 10131