Department of Defense

Phase I/Phase II exercise in Bagram AF, Afghanistan

Phase I/Phase II exercises are usually done in practice for Air Force deployment to a war zone. Specifically a hypothetical Korean war zone. I recently read an article on the Air Force Portal website that shows a USAF weapons load crew, loading INERT bombs (BDU-50) onto an F-15E in Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan. The article goes onto say that, this is during a Phase II exercise.


During a Phase II there are simulated offensive attacks and simulated incoming attacks. The main purpose is to involve an entire USAF wing in a simulated war environment. With this being a completely simulated and hypothetical war, inert air munitions are loaded and used. The use of just one air munition involves the entire USAF wing. This takes up valuable resources and dedicates them to a simulation in an actual environment.

The costs of a Phase I/Phase II are almost immeasurable because they span transportation of inert munitions to a war zone, troop involvement, extended work hours, de-moralization of troops, gas, food, water, and distracted leadership all in a active war zone.


My suggestion is to immediately stop all USAF Phase I/Phase II exercises in a deployed location.



Idea No. 6926