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Personnel Transfers and Travel of Government Employees

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Travel costs associated with personnel transfers and government travel are an immense expense to our taxpayers.


Some of our personnel transfers are unfortunately the victims of sexual harassment, assault, hazing or other issues associated with command climate. Taxpayers should be made aware of these situations by a form of notification such as a military report that is distributed to an online type forum with names of the individuals who received the NJP discipline and their unit. This should be similar to a police report which would inevitably force the accountability of people’s actions. Also, if a personnel transfer is of the best interest of the individual then force the convicted member to pay for either their own transfer to another unit or home of record if discharged or that of the victims. Our services members are merely being punished short term through NJP and not forced to deal with the exposure of a public view by our taxpayers whom pay their salaries. Many move on with their careers and over time all is dismissed or forgotten. This exposure would force members of the military to inherently develop appropriate leadership skills and responsibility for their actions. There is far too much assault in the military that goes unnoticed and left for only the victims to deal with.


Second, government travel to give briefs and information type seminars should utilize the technology that exists by teleconference or video conference. This would be an initial startup cost but would eventually save travel expenses due to unnecessary travel. A quota should be set every year to increase the use of this technology such as by 10% of total travel expenses for each fiscal year. Budgets are tight but travel expenses increase every year due to the economy and fuel costs. Restricting travel and forcing this technology into effect could greatly reduce our travel costs so that money could be utilized elsewhere.

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