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Personal Privacy and Environmental Protection

I think that it's time that nearly all of our performance appraisal process can be channeled electronically. This includes the many drafts and copies of the annual performance appraisals and the multitude of copies of the Elements and Standards. By cutting down on the printing of these documents several times every year, we can save more than a few trees and reduce our waste processing fees (a high percentage of those documents get sanitized, if handled appropriately, then thrown away anyway). Reducing the paper copies will directly reduce the amount of personal sensitive information left unprotected in the work place. We should marry this up with the government job application process (USAJOBS) to allow easy attachment of electronic copies of the performance appraisals (think of the money saved on copying and mailing these packages, not to mention the multiple packages printed out for rating board members). This should all be handled electronically. This would be a good Lean Six Sigma project.



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