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Personal Assistant

I receive a lot of mail in my current job. A lot of it is catalogs. Currently 50 people work in my office, and the mail is full of catalogs because I work in the Office of Acquisitions. Every time I receive a catalog, I ask the employee if he or she would like to keep the subscription. If the subscription is declined, I call the number on the catalog and speak to someone. I have that particular person's name removed from the company's list. I am now receiving fewer catalogs in this office. If I receive faxes for advertising items that our office cannot use, I call the fax number to have our office number removed. I have worked several jobs in close to 5 years, in which I have done this same thing in those offices. I am interested in saving the goernment money and also I want to save trees. Thank you for listening.



Idea No. 12446