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Performance Based Orientation and Safety

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Every new employee whether they have come from another federal postion or from the private sector deserves to have an efficient orientation. We loose employees because of inefficieny in this area. Currently there is millions of dollars wasted on inefficient orientations of emplyoee. To add to this thier is increased safety risk and safety violations because of this inefficiency. This is not only new employees but any new process implementation and new equipment. The inefficient use of new equipment is very costly and puts patient care at risk. Developing Performance based orientations for new employees and new process or equipment is implemented will improve outcomes,increase efficiency, utilize capitol funding more efficiently and keep facilities fiscally sound. This program would start with Human Resources and at the point of hire then move to the period of interview, hire , and employee start. Mores is not always better. Efficient use of alotted time for orientation will reduce over all cost for that particular hire and will assist in retention and satifaction of that emplyee. With this program not only get your hire working quickly but safely and effcienty. This process will meet any regulatory agency or The Joint Commission requirements. The beauty to this system is that when there is a change to policy, accredatopm guidelines then the disseminatio of this information is ensured from the administation to the workers in the department site.

Please give me time to further discuss this process that is sure to make change for all departmental offices in the federal system



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