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Penalize Frivolous EEO Lawsuits

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Employees who are fired for misconduct or poor performance often submit frivolous EEO complaints. They do this as retaliation, or in an effort to recieve (an unjustified) settlement due to the enormous expense that the government must absorb to investigate these claims. It is often cheaper for the government to pay a settlement even when no discrimination has actually occured. When such a claim is found to be clearly retaliatory, or completely without basis, those who initiated the action should be forced to pay for the investigation. I thoroughly understand the thought process behind not penalizing them, therefore not discouraging them from filing legitimate complaints. However, completely unfounded complaints cost millions of dollars and are typically filed as a sort of lottery ticket by those looking for an easy money pay out. Penalizing those complaints found to be frivolous or retaliatory would make people think twice before wasting tax payer dollars. The mind set that gives them the idea to file frivolous complaints is usually the same mindset that ended up being the reason that they were terminated anyways.

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