Department of Education

Pell Grant

Some recipients of Pell Grants also receives other scholarships, grants, aid and stipends depending on the program or school they are attending. This is in excess of the total amount actually needed for tutition, books, room and board just because they meet a family income level. Often these students are using the excess funds from the pell grant to purchase cars, larger apartments, and other extravagances at the expense of the American Taxpayer. If the government grants are applied at the end of the total amount needed for school after all other awards are calculated and only at the amount needed to cover actual expences, this would reduce or elimate excessive awards of taxpayers' monies and ensure that taxpayers' money is going to actual school expenses rather that student excesses. For example, I know a student who receives two academic scholarships,a pell grant and a $1500 a month stipend to attend school. The individual received a refund for the total amount of the Pell grant because the scholarships covered all expenses. At that point, the Pell Grant should only be used for any uncovered room, board, books and maybe a computer. Even with this they should follow up by requiring the students to produce receips for these items to confirm the need for the request. Having a stipend at $1500 a month should have actually elimated the need for the pell grant freeing up these funds for individuals truly in need of assistance.



Idea No. 17901