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Commission on Civil Rights

Pay Union representaton costs from dues not Taxpayers pockets.

Public Service Unions protect all nonprobationary bargaining unit employees by filing grievances under fair labor laws. Unions also are the designated default EEO representatives for probationary federal employees filing EEO complaints. Almost half (47%--2007 survey) of all federal managers will not let a poorly performing probationary employee go because of the tremendous burden which the EEO process and the union as EEO representative place upon managers.

Recently almost every VA hospital has gained two more full time union stewards who are paid by the taxpayers while union dues go toward providing education for the representatives and political donations.

Doing away with federal unions as proposed by some conservatives, or not collecting union dues for the unions through payroll deductions would be unnecessary if all bargaining unit employees were union members and their dues covered the costs of having union representatives. This would make the union representatives accountable to the union members for their time. The required union membership and dues for bargaining unit employees would be fair to all who benefit from (potential)union activities and collective bargaining. EEO representation would be the benefit probationary employees would derive from paying dues. making a revenue stream out of union dues to pay for union officials salaries and benefits and retirement would relieve the taxpayers of 0.3% of the labor costs of bargaining unit employees and would allow agencies who have FTEE in union positions to regain the productivity of those positions.



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