Department of Energy

Patent Application Fee Waiver

The current policy regarding patent application from federally funded research at the National Labs is wasteful and stifling the vary innovation our Nation needs. The patent application fee for inventions conceived and realized under federally funded and directed work needs to be waived. The impact of this is twofold: 1. More federal funds can be used for actual R&D and not diluted, 2. Innovations and patents will not be dwarfed by availability of funding to pay for application fees and expenses. Currently the labs much decide which of the inventions conceived under federal research funding go forward for patent application simply because not enough funded exists to pay for all the applications that are meritorious for patents. If the government retains patent rights, the government can implement the proper policy to insure commercial entities can gain access to licenses. The current system does nothing but artificially constrain the entity that was implemented to solve our Nation's most challenging scientific and engineering needs. Do away with the fees for patent application from government funded work so technology stops collecting dust.



Idea No. 17950