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Department of State

Partially Close Buildings on Gold Alert Days

The State Department should run on a federal holiday staff level for annexes and main government buildings on days that a “Gold Day Alert” is issued. Not only would this save money in operating costs by lowering the bill for electricity for air conditioning, lighting, and computers for a building full of people on a sweltering day, but it also would boost the economy. As our global warming begins to show more and more effects on our temperatures with record heat, this will save the State Department millions in costs. Employees would undoubtedly be out at a pool or a mall spending money, and boosting our sluggish economy. This would also benefit the environment because you would have substantially less cars on the road on those days, further worsening the already “Code Red” air quality. Employee morale would also improve because no one is focused on work on these super hot days anyway. We’re all feeling anxious about our upcoming uncomfortable, long, hot, and sweaty commute home; in a car on the road with other angry drivers, or smushed on a subway car (with undoubtedly broken AC because there’s no money in the budget to fix it).



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