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Office of Personnel Management

Part-time/ Job share opportunities

Federal employees have developed an edge in time management- due to ever-changing requirements mandating quick-turnarounds on work. Most of us have learned to accomplish our daily tasks with time to spare (for adminstrative tasks.) Creating more part-time positions (particularly in D.C.) would reduce traffic; reduce the overall cost of paying employees, reduce the government's expenses for federal employee commuting benefits, and could actually put more people to work (that may have family obligations that prevent full-time work. A part-time schedule would reduce child-care costs for employees with children.) Some employees close to retirement should have the option of going part-time, as well.

If the work isn't able to be accomplished on a part-time schedule, then possibly a job-share situation would be more appropriate. Job-Sharing would also be a better option in a situation where one employee needs healthcare benefits, and the other doesn't.



Idea No. 1072