Department of Agriculture

Parsimony: Use X Agents to Achieve Debt Retirement

The ideas tagged “parsimony”, inspired me to write the following:

Let’s say that out of the more than 170 departments and agencies listed on this site, it was determined that one was not necessary, not constitutional, or suchlike.

Let’s say that agency/department was eliminated and the employees of that agency/department were offered a position (let’s call them “X Agents”) to seek out wasteful spending throughout government and identify the individuals that authorized each of those expenditures.

Then someone smarter than me would determine if a wrong was committed based on whether or not there had been a better option. I do not believe that the Whistleblower Hot Line has been able to effectively cut the waste that has been pointed out in the 2009 SAVE, 2010 SAVE, or 2011 SAVE campaigns.

Additionally, I suggest that government employees would send specific whistleblower-type information to the X Agents.

And the people reading this can comment on any further details, such as penalties that could be assessed, or how quickly or how much they think that ridiculous wasteful spending and inefficiencies would be curtailed, etc.



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