Department of the Interior

Paperless Time and Attendence in Quicktime

Make time and attendance paperless. In the FWS and many other agencies we use Quicktime to process time and attendance. However, we are still submitting hard copies of our timesheets and leave and compensatory time requests to supervisors and timekeepers. It would be nice if we submitted everything electronically, Quicktime has the capability of doing everything. In our office alone it would save a huge burden of routing all the paper copies for signature (some have to be sent electronically printed, signed and e-mailed back) one timesheet ends up being printed 3 times. If all time and comp/leave requests could be done electronically it would save time, paper and filing space. All records would be stored electronically and backed-up in perpetuity. Employees, timekeepers and supervisors have the ability to access Quicktime and pull reports if needed.



Idea No. 1805