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Paperless Government - eLearning

The Government is in a movement in which we want to save paper, some call it a "Paperless Government".


While we're working hard to "Go Green", we seem to be lacking on one department.




Education in the federal workforce uses tens of thousands sheets of paper each day. The expense tot he people, and more importantly to the Veterans is astronomical. I have personally used an entire box of paper for one training class.


eLearning is becoming a great tool in the private sector, but we are lacking in this department. eLearning eliminates the use for paper in a training

environment, which in turn saves each training & education department thousands.


Some Pros and Cons to eLearning:




Money savings

Adaptive Content

Rapid training

Time Saver

Real work simulations

Less need for travel



Possible training needed on how to access "eLearning"

Initial Cost



There is a reason more of the Universities in America are adopting online classes paired with use of eBook readers and Tablets. It saves money to both the end user, and to the publishers.


In closing, if we push for the adoption of eLearning in the Federal Governments departments, we'll see a huge decrease in paper waste, as well as a large savings of money over the coming years.



Idea No. 15151