Department of Veterans Affairs

Paperless Forms and Electronic Signatures - We Have the Solution

Forms, forms, forms, forms. The government loves them. By the end of my work week I've filled out at least one form, but sometimes as many as 10. They are all required to be printed and signed.


What a waste...not only in paper and time, but also in rework when forms are lost, scanning, and interruptions for those who must physically sign. Agencies already have the software needed to do this electronically with minimal training.


With programs like InfoPath and SharePoint it is nearly effortless and seamless to fill out, sign, approve, and submit forms.


Now not only have you created an efficient workflow, but now you also have a database of all information submitted.


Fill out electronically > submit in browser > automatically alert supervisor > supervisor approve or disapprove with one click > digital signatures automatically added > completed document sent to department > they now have full database of records and new data sources.


The same idea would work with all HR or administrative forms.



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