Department of Defense

Paperless Contracting Using Existing Technology

I recommend that we use existing technology to get us to paperless contracting. Right now, there are appear to be initiatives involving large systems to get us to a paperless system. Instead, we should be utilizing existing COTS software such as the full version Adobe Acrobat (with digital signature). This software can be used to convert RFP letters, MFRs, etc from word to adobe and then signed using the adobe digital signature with the CAC certificate. Other documents in the contract file such as copies of proposals can be requested in electronic format. These can be stored on network drives with the proper security priviledges. These network drive should also be backed-up (and most likely they are already being backed-up). E-mails can be stored here as well. The only documents that may need to be kept in the original hard copy are the signed pages of contracts, modifications, etc. Although, for many things, a wet signature copy is no longer kept. (For example, bi-lateral mods are often e-mailed with the end result that at least one signature is not a true wet signature. Purchase Orders are issued with the printed signature from SPS.) The only true wet signatures that may be necessary to keep are bid bonds, performance bonds, and payment bonds due to case law on these types of documents. No huge investment in complicated systems required. Just use what we have and save a lot of space and printing, which in turn saves money!

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Idea No. 5858