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Paperless Alien Files, Transmittal/Routing Slips & Memorandums

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Border Patrol could streamline processing and reduce resource usage through implementation of processing with electronic Alien Files, electronic Transmittal and Routing Slips, and electronic Memorandums. Adobe Acrobat Pro which is already available at some Border Patrol Stations could be used to create and edit these documents.


a. Electronic Alien Files/ Supervisor Mark-Ups: In e3 processing system agents can save the file as an electronic PDF and attach to an email to send to his supervisor for review, the supervisor would use the markup tools to make suggested corrections. Underlining, strikethrough, highlighting, addition of sticky notes and freehand markup are all available on Adobe Acrobat Pro. This would eliminate multiple reprinting of the variable 3 to 150+ pages (per undocumented alien) that is processed in our Sector.


b. CBP Form 107: Paperless transmittal and routing slips will not only increase speed of approval and visibility of documents, but will create a reduction in paper usage. All levels of command will have clear knowledge of transmittal/progress.


c. Memorandums: Agents are also instructed to edit and change memorandums which may be printed numerous times due to poor spacing, grammatical errors, content changes or supervisory preferences and creates a waste of paper for each correction made per agent. Using an electronic version of the memorandum format (no costly watermarked paper needed) the agent can forward by email the memorandum for correction and submission to chain of command. Corrections can be documented and final memorandum forwarded with an Adobe Acrobat confidential electronic signature applied for submission. Email submission of station and sector memorandums will also offer savings through decreased interoffice and inter-station mail runs. Emailed documentation also offers increased employee confidence in management and accountability for all components involved.

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