Department of Veterans Affairs

Paper Waste - VAMC records

To fulfill our duty to assist veterans with their claims we obtain their medical records. This also includes obtaining any treatment records from VA Medical Centers, which, for the most part, are available electronically through a shared network connection. Instead of just reviewing these records online, the policy is to have a hard copy of these records printed off for the file. It is a huge waste of taxpayer money as the records can be hundreds and hundreds of pages long as problem lists, medication lists, screenings, immunization records, telephone contacts, and other non-pertinent information will be printed off. If we reviewed these records solely electronically, we could save money by reducing paper waste, ink waste, and reduce the amount of storage needed for these records. It would additionally make the job of those reviewing the records easier as reviewing the records online has search features, whereas manually reviewing hardcopy records is tedious due to redundant information.



Idea No. 14490