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Paper & Postage Reduction Cost - Dual Notice Requirement

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Currently, any correspondence to taxpayers who file a joint return with the IRS require separate notices to the husband and wife. This results in additional costs for paper, printer, toner, postage, envelope, and other associated expenses.


While this requirement should not be eliminated entirely, the requirement should revise to allow married filing joint taxpayers to sign a waiver allowing examiners, collection officers, and other employees of the IRS to mail one copy of the same correspondence if they chose. As a field examiner and taxpayer, I know there are many instances when the husband or wife handle the tax situation and the duplicate notice sent to the other spouse is tossed, showing money wasted by the government.


These taxpayers should have to sign a waiver form requesting and approving to receive one copy and stating they request and agree to receive one copy of any correspondence from the IRS and agree that all correspondence will be shared between each of them.


The estimated minimal yearly savings the government would realize from this reduction plan is...


Form 1040 Individual Exams per Year = 1.5 million

Collection Investigations per Year (All Return Types) = 2 million



Est. No. of TP that Agree to Waiver = 350,000 per year (10%)


Est. Ave Postage Cost per Mailing = $1.32

Est. Ave Paper & Printing Costs per Mailing ($.10 a copy x 20 pages)= $2.00


Est. Cost per Mailing = $3.32

Est. Ave No. of Mailing per TP Case = 5


Minimal Savings: $3.32 cost per mailing x 5 mailings per case x 350,000 agreeing taxpayers = $5.81 million per year

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