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The system will be getting a Pre-Need application in which Veterans (and eligible family) will be able to apply to have their eligiblity for burial and memorial (headstone/marker) benefits determined well in advance of their death. At time of death, often it is the Veteran themselves who are in the best positin to provide that information and due to the 1976 St. Louis Records Depot fire eligiblity must often be determined through "creative means."


A staff of people at the National Cemetery Scheduling Office (NCSO) in St. Louis is dedicated to doing research to determine eligiblity and do this thorugh a number of FAX transmissions, emails, etc.


This could be fully automated throught the use of interconnects to the various 6-8 fellow agencies we go to for this information (FBI, SSA, DoD, etc) so that it is kept in an updated state.


One disqualifying factor in receiving burial/memorial benefits it "Conviction for a Capital Crime/Treason Against the USA." Such an interconnect with Dept. of Justice could automatically flag the record as "Ineligible."

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