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POWER SAVING Penalize Managers/Executives nonsupport of telework

Too many managers are scared of allowing their staff/departments to telework. They constantly look for reasons to justify why it won't work when they haven't even tried it. They say people are not in positions that enable them to do so. That is not true. Penalize the SES and Managers that do not allow some type of telework to 100% of their workforce. There are ways to enable everyone to telework. There are statistics that show the benefits and the POWER COST SAVINGS TO GOVERNMENT. The savings in energy (gasoline, electricity, building expenses), commute time, absenteeism, etc. Manage by productivity, not by face time. Make the managers get use to work without an office and a person. Make people learn to have a virtual staff assistant and elminate billions$$$$$$$$$


Telework EQUALS Billions




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