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CANCEL and phase out Welfare and section 8 and food stamps and welfare benefits and low income housing for able bodied working age citizens. The triilions of dollars of welfare money have created a section of society that does not contribute to society and that drains the taxpayers and does not produce tax income for the US GOVERNMENT and holds its customers in social and finance bondage. Please phase out the progams and restore the HOPE IV grants to rebuild welfare housing and restore job training and laws and policies that encourange self reliance and dignity. The entire welfare and section 8 and low income housing programs are a failure and cause the wealthy to subsidize the poor and the poor never escape the poverty as the cycle of dependence is maintained thru the faulty policy of welfare and section 8 and low income housing. Also the low income housing tenets and section 8 tenets are sometimes known to keep squatters in their units without authorization. This is not legal and drains the taxpayers of money. Also the taxpayers have to pay the bill to reimburse the towns and cities for the lost property tax money that is not paid by section 8 and low income housing tenets. this is wrong and puts a penalty on hard working tax paying citizens. everyone in the usa has to pull their weight and pay their share. no more free rides. the government is in debt for trillions of dollars.

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