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PCS Move - Eliminate mandatory PCS for civil service overseas

Currently Civil Service employees stationed overseas can only stay overseas for a maximum of 7 years (Usually 3 year assignmnet, then apply for 2 year extension then apply for another 2 year extension with waiver) then must return back to the United States to stay employed as Civil Service or resign to remain overseas. Other federal agencies do not mandate employee overseas limits (DODDS, DECA). Eliminating the mandatory limits would reduce the number of PCS movements incurred per year. As a Civil Service employee assigned to a base/location in the states, there is no limits to length of time assigned to a location. If the basis for the mandated movement overseas is due to members receiving additional allowances, cap the number of years a person could receive a housing allowance while staying consecutive years overseas. I for one would stay at my current assignment in Germany without a housing allowance, it is my home now. Even with some members choosing to stay indefinitely, there will always be members wanting to leave when their "time is up" to offer the overseas opportunity to others. There are a lot of civilian movements that could be eliminated thus saving a lot of money annually.



Idea No. 4742