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Something that I have noticed in my 2 yrs of civil service is that the government spends so much money on office supplies. For example ordering document protectors @ $25/for a box of 50 is ridiculous when you can get them from places like Office Depot @ $10/for a box of 50. That highlighter that you are using cost the government about $8/9 for a box of 6, when it could have been purchased for $3/$4 for a box of 6 at Office Depot. Buying the generic brand of supplies would also save money. Why buy the name brand box of pens for high dollars when the store brand pens will accomplish the same mission???

I think it is such a waste of money to purchase supplies under the pretense of getting the best rate for the government, when it really is a rip off. Putting things into perspective will generate additional funds for many government offices. If for example, a new projector is needed for a conference room spending less money on pricey pens, pencils, highlighters, notepads, etc., will free up additional funds to purchase the projector or other more important items.

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