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Overwhelming numbers of documents sent

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We receive multitudinous memos, bulletins and decisions, procedural information, updates, reports, messages, directives, etc. Each of us is expected to read this material, process it, use it in our work. C'mon. Thought needs to be put into what is sent to us so that we get the information we need, it is clear and concise and understandable. Imagine the savings in man hours if only one designated individual went through all this information and passed along only that which related to us, was important to us; or if that individual merely highlighted what was related and important to each of us; and put what's poorly written into "plain English". It is not only a waste of time for each of us individually to read and sift through all this information piled on us, it creates an excessive burden which is frustrating and mind-bogglingm, and detracts from each employee's focus.

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