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NH and SSA Judges are confused by conflicting letters and inconsistent information. Judges reverse waiver decisions/denials due to poor communication. Correct by 1. do not sent out AERO recomputation/increase in benefits letters when an overpayment (O/P) exists, 2. letters should state reason for O/P i.e.: due to work and earnings, workers compensation or double check negotiation rather than simply "incorrect computation", and 3. model overpayment letters after an existing format the public is familiar with such as a bank statement or QuickBooks general ledger sheet showing amounts paid vs. amounts due monthly. By using plain English, recognized formats and timely information NH will be better able to follow SSA guidelines regarding work and earnings while receiving benefits and thereby reduce overpayments as a whole. This reduction in overpayments will save staff time in waiver requests, personal conferences and non-medical hearings backlog thereby saving time, manpower, and money.

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