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Overhaul Veterans Disability System

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The current disability system rewards Veterans for being disabled. The more disabled a Veteran is - the more money the Veteran gets.


The disability system should be based on rewarding Veterans for getting more ability. The disability system needs to work closer with the healthcare side - and ensure that recovery timelines are being met. If a Veteran doesn't make their appointment or doesn't follow their medical care plan - then their should be penalties for not putting in the effort to get better. A Veteran's obligation (job) is to follow the care plan. The disability system should be connected to how well the Veteran is committed to his/her treatment plan.


This rings especially true with the 100,000s young veterans returning with PTSD and TBI - if the system is based on disability and no incentive to follow the medical care plan that promotes ability - then we will have an entire generation of veterans still struggling in the years to come. It is time to take a tough love stance - and ensure our veterans that are returning seamlessly integrate in to society. As much as it is the countries responsibility "to care for him who have borne te battle" - it is the Veterans responsibility to put in all the effort to get better. It is a two way street.


This ability model allows for veterans that follow their care plan as instructed to rightfully receive their payments.


This ability model will save our country so much money - and this effort will ensure our veterans strive to be productive and healthy members of society.


Note: we will have Veterans that are so disabled that will not be able to work again. For those severely injured veterans this model won't affect them since they are following their care plan.

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