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Optional Standing Desks in Cubicles (Save on Health Care Costs)

Lower health care benefits costs by shifting focus from treatment alone to include prevention by promoting overall health. I believe this was the motivation for "The President's Challenge" program that encouraged participants to engage in more physical activities. It may not be easy to find the time for this, yet half of a typical worker's waking hours are spent sitting at their cube working in front of the computer. Several recent studies have shown that too much sitting causes increases cardiovascular diseases, obesity, mortality, etc (Am. J. Epidemiol. (2010) 172 (4): 419-429). In light of all this, I propose allowing Federal workers to choose to have their desks converted to a standing desk, or at least allow this to be an option for new cubicles. Many companies already do this. In addition to saving on health care costs and sick leave from the prevention of sicknesses, workers with improved health and blood circulation would be more mentally alert and productive.



Idea No. 2920