Department of Energy

Open the door to Open Source Software

At my location, open source software is considered insecure and a security risk. I have presented a number of open source solutions in order to save money around the complex, but nobody wants to take the plunge. A few examples would be Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) for hard drive sanitization, LimeWire for conducting surveys, Google Apps for Government, and Linux for a desktop. We currently use commercial solutions for all of these products. While changing an infrastructure to an open-source environment doesn't happen overnight, there are a number of small gains that can be accomplished if you investigate these technologies.


I am in total shock when I hear our IT budget and the money that is spent on software and labor that can be accomplished with open source software and half the amount of people. You may not be able to save money in a one-year period, but you should be able to in the long-term. An in-depth and serious look should be done to use open source software, and not rely on one person's or company's/contractor's opinion. I know that these ideas were from working at one location, but I am sure there are others out there that think the same.



Idea No. 13838