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I recently went to a month-long training session out of state as part of the training for my position. I also recently graduated a very well designed, challengine online Masters of Business Administration program offered by the University of Florida, a highly accredited institution that has won awards for this specific program. I don't understand why the government is still spending money on per diem and travel costs. All of the necessary technology (and then some) is available on site at the office. I believe moving to all online programs, with exception to a very few absolute essentials, would save the government a substantial amount of money. In addition, participants would have more flexibility to take the courses (because they won't have to arrange for their responsibilities to be met during their absence). A third benefit is that training institutions would have a broader, higher quality pool of instructor candidates to choose from (as many highly experience and educated professionals are not interested in traveling 6+ months/year). The same applies to DoD. Many openings require minimum travel, thereby eliminating highly qualified candidates to meet training requirements. Finally, the cost of maintaining the campuses on which these classes are held could be all but eliminated, as students can work from their own offices (or training rooms) to attend the courses.

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