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Online credit card account access and bill payment

The ONLY bill I have that still issues paper bills (2 pieces of paper and 2 envelopes) and has no online access to check my account or pay my bill is my JPMorgan Chase government credit card I use for travel expenses. Not only is this a waste of paper, but also a waste of my time. At least if I don't want to waste MORE paper with a check and stamp, there is an option to pay by phone, but it takes me several minutes to navigate the account system and it directs me to another number to pay the bill electronically. All the banks I deal with on my own personal accounts have the option to access my account on line and stop paper billing (for free)--even the local water department, phone and electric company do it this way. So, since banks already offer this to customers it shouldn't be any additional cost to provide a secure and free online banking system. This makes me suspect there is some rule or contract language out there preventing this from happening. Let's get into the 21st century and allow electronic access to our government credit card accounts and allow us the option to stop paper billing!



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