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Online Taxpayer Accounts

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The IRS should develop a website similar to loan or credit card agencies that allows taxpayers (individuals, businesses, payroll taxes, etc.) to create an account and login to see if and how much in taxes they still owe. These individual accounts should also include a breakdown showing returns that have been received or are still due, and what the taxes due are comprised of. For example, the year and type of Form or tax due, interest and penalties charged, etc.


This could potentially reduce paper, postage costs, and personnel costs. It would save paper and postage costs as taxpayers could login and elect to receive electronic confirmations of new statements instead of receiving them in the mail.


It would save personnel costs as taxpayers trying to get a loan on the exact amount due could get it instantly instead of having to wait to receive the next statement or contacting the IRS to get the current amouts. It would also assist taxpayers who are ready to payoff their debt in full, but don't know the amount of the final payoff, who would also have to wait for the next statement or contact the IRS.


Reducing calls to personnel and time to print statements also allows for paid personnel to focus on other tasks and save time.

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