Social Security Administration

Online Social Security Cards

We issue millions of Social Security Cards each year. It is the single most frequent item for visiting a Social Security Office (30% of visitors!!). By putting them online we save:

-The public time

- Employee/manpower time- staffs could be decreased in some offices through attrition and retirement.

- We can also decrease the size of our lobbies saving rental space.

- Allowing them to print out the document could save mailing and printing expenses.


The main hurdle is authentication which is actively being pursued by the agency as we speak.


Not all social security cards could be done online (foreign born etc) but of those at least the keying of the form (SS5) could be done online saving countless man hours of interview time. The public could fill it out online ahead of time and then come into the office and provide the proof needed to obtain thier card. The online screen could tell them exactly which proofs to bring which would save the public countless amounts of time and return visits.



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