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One phone, shared minutes

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For all staff with both Blackberries and desk phones, plus any staff that telework, issue one cell phone (versus having a personal cell phone, an office Blackberry, plus a desk phone), or offer a subsidy toward using the person's personal phone for office purposes. Then, all lines should share pooled minutes (like a great big "family plan"). Having both a Blackberry (with phone service), plus a desk phone, is redundant, and requires coordinating call forwarding for telework/out of office, etc... In addition, there are very few employees that are using a phone all day, all the time (so battery life of a cell phone shouldn't be an issue). This idea would allow us to get rid of all desk phones/land lines (incoming/outgoing faxes could/should be routed through existing multifunction machines and internet connected fax servers), help move staff toward telework, and reduce costs (of land lines, and in gaining economies of scale in the number of minutes/size of data plans).

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